A Stands plan is unlimited access to your Stands.cloud platform. This plan offers you a complete internet service.

It allows you tohost your sites and shops, and those of your customers, to create newslettersto benefit from a assistance Wordpress and WooCommerce, activate hundreds of plugins and themes premiums at no extra cost, and much more.

No. Stands is designed for those who work and sell on the web.

If you are a freelancer, graphic designer, webmaster or web marketer - you use your Stands for their clients' sites and for your own site.

If you are online merchant or professional blogger and if you want to take advantage of Stands, book your plan Design StandsWe will create your site with you or import your existing site.

If you already have a WP or WooCommerce site, you can import it or we can do it for you for free, and your blog or shop will be set up on a beautiful plane Stands By Me. Budget? From £29/month for a standard shop, which is -65% compared to Shopify, and for much better support...

Oui Stands is a hosting and support platform exclusively for WordPress and WooCommerce sites.

If you have one or more Shopify, Wix, Magento, HTML, Prestashop or Drupal sites, our experts will import them into your Stands plan for free.

The new version of your site will work with WordPress and in the process your site will get a new look, better responsiveness, and much better performance.

You can of course stop your Stands subscription at any time. And of course you can install your site on another server of your choice.

No. Our clients' sites have not had to suffer the huge outages that have recently and repeatedly paralysed sites hosted by OVH.

The Stands platform is therefore independent OVH, but also Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Stands does not give your data to anyone, it is a precious asset that remains your property. The Stands platform is open source, built on a solid and fast infrastructure based in Germany, France and Switzerland which guarantees an uptime of 99.99% and allows for extraordinary performance.

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